Life’s little moments! by Arhonda Luman

embarrassed monkey

Those of you who know me, know I do silly things all the time. I have rendered myself speechless on a few occasions, and had my eyes bulge out so far, I looked like a praying mantis. A few times, my actions caused me to draw in my breath so quickly, the mini blinds on the windows fluttered. All of these, are because of a multitude of embarrassing moments. Though I am admittedly ditzy, I am not delusional and I know, there are plenty more where those came from! I have not seen the last of them.

Yesterday, I posted my first blog on  the Indigo Sea Press site. I have posted a few times on under my own name but this time it was on my publisher’s site.  I tried to make sure the blog showed up on Facebook so my friends and family, who are interested could read it. Because I’m a ditz, I could not find it. I made an executive decision to take matters into my own hands. I pulled up the site and tagged a few friends and family. (I think there were five of them, but I’m not positive.) I posted it. Funny thing happened though, somehow, one of the ladies I tagged, said to me……”I think you may have tagged the wrong site?”  *Blink* What? I used my hawk-like eyes and investigated. I wanted to shrink into my chair and become invisible. It was true. I had tagged the wrong site. It wasn’t enough to JUST tag the wrong site, I had to tag a “GOFUNDME,” account! *eyebulge*  NOW not only was I a ditz, I was a disrespectful ditz. It took a while to get my nerves settled but while calming myself down, I remembered a few other occasions I had wanted to disappear and managed to survive.  Once,  was when the top to my two piece bathing suit came off in the water when we were swimming at the lake. Yeah, that one was bad….

Then, there was the time I was cooking for a big family get together and the floor length moo moo I was wearing, somehow got tucked into the back of my panties when I used the restroom. My niece kindly pulled it out for me. *Shudder*  Suddenly, facebook my blunder did not seem so big.

OH! Now my face is crimson colored as I remember was another  time about 20 years ago. My husband and I met some friends in Branson. They were an older couple, full of spunk and energy. They were quite wealthy, had their own airplane and very active in politics.   The wife held an office for a women’s political group over several states. Her speech was eloquent and her mind was sharp. A politician , I am NOT, so to say I was a tiny bit intimidated, would be an understatement! I was not wise in the ways of the world.  I was raised frugally. ( ok……that was stretching it.) We were poor as church mice.  I did not know how to talk or act in public. (and still don’t) The best case scenario was, I hoped I could connect two syllables together a couple of times to make a sentence. In spite of it all, for some reason, they liked me anyway! (everybody loves Jerry, so no biggie there.) Jerry and I loved them a lot.

One night, we went to a Larry Gatlin concert. I was dressed in my finery. The concery was packed. We enjoyed the show and afterwards, the men departed to the rest room and she and I did the same. We stood in line for a long time. I thought one of us would have to wait on the other when we came out but timing was perfect. We washed our hands and started out into the foyer. I walked a few steps ahead of her, chatting as I walked. All of a sudden, I turned to say something to her and I witnessed her bend down behind me, make a quick snatch at something, throw it in the waste basket that happened to be sitting  there. She remained nonplussed and  never missed a step. It took a full second for it to sink in what had happened.  It seems, the toilet paper had attached itself to me and I had a long tail trailing behind me. She saved me. At first I wanted to cry, but then her kindness was such that I was grateful. I should have let it go but NOOOO, that’s not my way…. I looked at her, she looked back at me. She didn’t know what to say so she said nothing. I couldn’t hold back any longer. A guffaw erupted from me. I managed to say to her in a somewhat serious tone. “Thank you, that was an important fax!”   It was contagious, both of us laughed until we lost our breath.  Naw, I don’t suppose a typo is so embarrassing after all huh? 😛

2 thoughts on “Life’s little moments! by Arhonda Luman

  1. I love reading your story’s, they are so you and truthful and funny. Keep on writing. I will be looking forward to the next time.


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