The little blue pill! By Arhonda Luman 5-1-16

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In the golden years, there are changes that happen to us. Sometimes we mellow out a bit, sometimes we need to be chained with a log chain in the back yard with a “Beware of senior,” sign on the fence.” Things that used to matter, don’t. Things that shouldn’t matter, might. I, personally am more patient in some areas, and in others, it takes 1.5 seconds for me to be, “Done!”

I always thought I would grow up to be a sweet little old lady.  No one told me, if you want to be sweet, you have to practice!   I can’t figure out how I missed it that far. Now that I’m here, in senior citizenville,  it has become evident that no one, is going to dump a bucket of nice on me, to last until my days are ended. There is no justice!!

In case this makes me sound mean, I must take this moment to take up for myself. Why, just this morning, Jerry set out my medicine for me and I exerted extreme patience.  He started doing that job about two years ago, so he is pretty good at it, and I trust him. Well, I thought I did.

Today, we went through our normal little rituals. The baths, make up, deodorant, well you get the picture. He pulled out the ziplock bag with our medicine in it. He piled it in two neat stacks. One was for him and one for me. He took his and went into the other room while I finished dressing. When I reached for my stack, something did not look right. There was a blue pill in my stack. *eye bulge* WHAT???? I nearly hyperventilated. I was not sure what happened and it *seemed* a tiny bit sensitive to ask him about it. I sure wasn’t going to pop that puppy in my mouth and then ask. But, how to ask?

So many things ran through my mind.

  1. Why do I have a blue pill?
  2. Did he slip me a mickey?  (he never had, but he’s notimmune to making mistakes!)

3. If it’s not mine, why does HE have a blue pill?

4.  If he takes it, will it mess up 4 hours of my day?

5. If I take it, to keep him from taking it, will it mess up 4 hours of his day?

6. Curiosity set in, wonder what would happen if I did take it?

I had to stop the nonsense. My mind was getting out of control. I sure didn’t want it making any promises I couldn’t keep. Four hours could kill old people!!

“Dad,” I said, “Why is there a blue pill in my stack?” There, I said it. That should get to the end of this mystery.

He didn’t look guilty. He wasn’t grinning like he does when he pesters me. He simply said, “Oh! This is the new prescription of Celebrex. It’s generic!”

I nearly choked.

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