The Antique Doll By Arhonda Luman 5-14-16

Victorian doll


He found her at a yard sale

Amidst a mountainous heap

She wasn’t much to look at

So he picked her up real cheap


He carefully examined

The condition she was in

He figured he could make her

Look as good as new again


He took her home and placed her

Upon his bedside table

He planned a way to fix her

As soon as he was able


His gentle nature calmed her

 And she softened to his touch

                                                                 She began to admire him

She’d been lonely, way too much


Her eyes began to sparkle

And her cheeks began to blush

He spent the time he needed

He had no reason to rush


 He made her feel so pretty

                                                          With the loving touch he gave

She became all he wanted

She just stood there and behaved


He beheld his creation

The design he’d perfected

Then placed her on the mantel

With others he’d collected


She’s been waiting forever

Being perfect was a must

She was poised and decorous

                                                              But is now covered in dust










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