People are just onions! By Arhonda Luman 5-15-16


onions       Recently, I had a dinner to prepare for and I reached for an onion to put in one of my dishes. There were three or four onions, but I reached for the one that looked the most dilapidated. The outside of it was so dry, the outside layer exploded into dust, just from the pressure of my hands picking it up. When I reached for it, I thought I was going to throw it away but it still felt firm on the inside. I had second thoughts. I try to not be wasteful, so I decided to use the inside and throw away the outside.

I met with great resistance when I tried to peeled back the toughened layers. I was unable to just *pull* the layers away. I had to use a sharp knife but was rewarded for my efforts. Inside that ugly onion, I found a healthy, moist, succulent onion that was perfect for my dish.

This was no ordinary onion. It was trying to tell me something. I paid attention

It seemed to say, people are like onions. Their exterior may be aged and dried from the elements of life which have had the potential to destroy them. Instead of succumbing to the “mulligrubs,” (a despondent, sullen, or ill-tempered mood) the tender outside layers became hardened, purely as an act of  self-preservation. Those dry,  cracked layers are like callouses. They are for protection and make it difficult for hard times to  prick the tender layers, but that doesn’t mean they are not useful or valuable.

Oh! They may not be displayed on a pretty shelf, complete  with lighting to enhance the ambience of the room, but they are certainly the spicy aroma that proclaims, “dinner smells delicious!”

I just cannot imagine a kitchen without onions!!

Some onions are sweet and some have a tendency to make eyes water. Those are for the tasters that appreciate a bit more heat.  Isn’t it funny, how I am describing onions in such detail…when in reality, they are just onions.  Maybe people, are just people?


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