Who fired that cannon? By Arhonda Luman 5-17-16

big eyed cat        Zap! “Yowl!” screeched our cat to the top of her lungs!!

One second earlier, she was strolling through the wet grass, weaving small loving circles around my husbands ankles as he sauntered across our yard to check the new fence. Now, she was plotting his demise!  Her morning went something like this. . . .

It was a beautiful morning. It had stormed during the night and the rain had washed the dirt from the grass. The crisp, clean air was the perfect canvas for the majestic scenery, which looked like it had been the recipient of a nice refreshing bubble bath in anticipation that my husband would amble across it. Serenity permeated our 10 acres. Jerry, and the cat traveled in companionable silence.

The cows and horse were still within the confines of the new fences, so my husband, after a careful perusal,  decided everything was in working order. He leisurely stood by the fence watching the cattle graze. The cat (whose name must be “Here Kitty,” decided to leave. She moseyed under the fence, not knowing, an electric fence had replaced the old one. Her tail was high in the air like a flag pole as she crossed under the wire. When it raked the wire, electricity infused her. She screamed out in total shock and shot across the pasture like she was fired out of a canon. She wasn’t hurt, but she was angry!! She  gritted her teeth and glared at my husband with a look of total disgust. She thought he did something to her. When she saw he was laughing, it did nothing to calm her attitude.

“Harumph, I hope  karma comes back to bite you in the butt and YOU touch that fence!” she seemingly said, then left him standing by the fence all alone.




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