The Two faces of a Small Town by Arhonda Luman 5-18-16

Our town is like a huge family. Everyone knows everyone’s business. (or they think they do). If someone hangs their underwear on a clothes line, everyone in town is aware of the color, size, style  and probably the brand. If a child does something naughty, the phones are  kept hot with people calling the parents to inform them.

Just in case this sounds awful, let me scream loud and clear, there is always two sides to every story. Today, one of my customers informed me about a benefit concert that is being held to help  a local man who has been diagnosed with a tragic illness. One of the performers, who is a singer, was also the recipient of a benefit a few years back and is now paying it forward.

This town, knows about the underwear, but if someone doesn’t have any, an army of volunteers will turn out to buy them some. If someone is hungry, they are fed. If someone is sick, it is not unheard of for several women to take turns cooking  and taking meals to the family while the sick party is recovering. If someone’s house burns, there is always someone to donate. When the tornado hit a neighboring town a few days ago, it only took a little while for our townspeople to go to their aid!

No one does this for notoriety, most of the time their deeds are not even mentioned and go unpraised, but it does not go unnoticed..     what we do for ourselves card

Living in this small town has allowed me to experience true and real people. They are not perfect people, but ones who make mistakes, fuss and feud,  practice forgiveness and compassion. These things made me grow deep roots. The roots were so deep that after  51 years , I am still here.




4 thoughts on “The Two faces of a Small Town by Arhonda Luman 5-18-16

  1. This story made my heart happy. I am grateful to live in a small town. I wasn’t raised here but I do know if I were in a bind I can call for help and get it!


  2. Absolutely love this, and it’s so true! Couldn’t imagine raising my girls anywhere else but Stratford!


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