Friendship should be coveted! By Arhonda Luman 5-19-16




While walking  upon the beach

I found jewels in the sand

They sparkled with such beauty

I cupped them within my hand


I held each one close to me

And counted them one by one

I enjoyed them every day

Our comradery was such fun


Then one sad day it happened

One could not be found at all

One fine jewel was missing

And I never saw it fall


I searched the whole world over

It was never found again

A jewel I held so  precious

Had fallen out of my hand


 I grieved over the lost one

And ignored the ones I’d kept

I was focused on my pain

So I missed it when they wept


 I should be glad for blessings

And not waste my time on tears

But there’s a void in my heart

So I mourned my loss for years


The moral to this story

Is a hard lesson to learn

If they’re valuable to you

Their trust and love, you must earn


Friends are just like the jewels

 We should love them every one

There are those, kind and caring,

And some of them, loads of fun


Each day you validate them

Keep them alive your heart

Even if they can’t be there

Then you’re really not apart!



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