Living by a thread by Arhonda Luman 5-22-16

Her eyes had shriveled in their sockets like they were  helpless orbs sinking in quicksand and not held in place by the ocular muscles.  Her bony nose gave the appearance, it had grown an inch longer and had become much sharper than I remembered. Where her smile used to be, was now an open crevice with jagged teeth. Some were missing. Her lips, once full and voluptuous, now tightened into a thin piece of almost transparent flesh that could not quite hide the teeth which were yellowed and decayed.Though she was harmless, it gave her  a menacing look.

I knew people like her before. Before tragedy had snuffed out their spirit like the wind blowing out the flame of an oil lamp. I wanted to hug her and tell her things would be ok, but there was a block of thick ice where her heart once had beaten and  I wasn’t really sure they would be. She was afraid to  live or feel. She had tread water in the sewer of life, until her energy was spent. She was tired of life and of people like me, who could not understand her loss.

I did not even notice her clothing at first,  though later I saw, it was torn and tattered, just as the tapestry of her life had been.


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