Once is enough! by Arhonda Luman 5-22-2016

Jerry and I were enthralled  watching the Thunder game. Thunder was ahead and our eyes were riveted to the television. Greyson broke the magical feeling of euphoria because our team was winning, with these words. “Gramma, I got a rock in my ear!”monkey

My heart sank like a rock in a pond. It didn’t stop until it hit the bottom.

My husband looked in his ear and said, “No he doesn’t.”

I almost started breathing again when, Greyson, who was not going to be ignored, replied, “Yes I does!”

His head was tilted a little bit, kind of like his head had been screwed on crooked, so I highly suspected he was indeed carrying a rock in his ear. I also deduced by that bit of evidence, it must be deep or Jerry would have seen it. My insides were shimmying like I was using a jack hammer.

I took a flashlight and looked deeper. *shudder*  I found it, hiding deep within the small dark cavity of his ear.

I tried not to hyperventilate,  I needed my oxygen level to be functioning when I made the decision to send them to the emergency room or to try the surgery myself.

My thoughts were racing faster than the horses at the Kentucky derby. I steadied myself and made the decision to try. If worse comes to worst, I could send them to the hospital later. Again I shuddered with the knowledge I could make things worse.

Jerry handed me the flashlight and the tweezers. I had to cajole and coax and coo and murmur etc. to calm him enough to retrieve that rock without hurting or scaring him.

Finally he agreed. With one try the rock came free. I should have had a pan like in the old westerns  so I could hear the clang with the rock hit bottom like the bullets that had been removed from gunshot cowboys.  On the outside I was the epitome of calm. On the inside I gave a Tarzan yell of victory that rocked the universe.

Whew! I lived through it and he did too!  I was feeling proud of myself for not having to make a trip to the hospital. My breathing was back to normal. Then I heard the words,”Gramma, I have a rock in the other ear too!”

I had to do it again.


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