Risky rewards by Arhonda Luman 5-23-16

risk and rewardThe red car, came up on me quickly, as if it had been fired from a gun. She zoomed to go around me but just in time, noticed my left blinker was on and I was changing to the left lane. The little red flash, darted back into the right hand lane like she was playing a video game instead of driving on a highway. We had only gone a little way when I again turned on my left blinker to turn, which is why I needed in that lane. She whizzed past me on the right side. She was in a hurry to get nowhere fast. I have serious doubts about her ability to get to her destination more that two minutes faster by driving like a maniac. She put my life, hers and who knows who else would have fallen victim to her reckless behavior  for the reward of maybe getting to her destination a couple of minutes early. Just to be generous, lets say she saved an hour? High risk!

My mind reacted as quickly as she was driving, firing questions at me like I was standing in  front of a firing squad. Risk and reward, those words staggered me. So many questions rushed my mind like people at a Walmart sale. All of them clamoring to be first, just to save a few dollars, with no thought of injuring other people.  What price is worth hurting someone? High risk!

In my mind’s eye, I could see people at a crossroad in their lives, trying to make a decision whether  to experience drugs for the first time.  It should be an easy decision. There is not sufficient evidence that a *buzz* could be worth the risk of devastation that decision could cause.  High risk!

Being overweight myself, I could not escape the evil machinations of thoughts about  the risk of being obese.  Heart attack, stroke, death….in exchange for unhealthy food? High risk!

There were several other scenarios that played out during my thirty minute drive, but let’s just suffice it to say, they were all, high risk!

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