Silly as a Goose!

Greyson’s blood curdling scream, resonated off the walls so loud, it threatened to break the sound barrier. In full-blown panic, he jumped, hollered and ran crying to me for comfort. I knew he was hurt. I just did not know how bad. It happened about 4 feet from me. I watched as the terrible scene unfold in seemingly slow motion. I was not able to prevent it, though I had yelled, ” No, Bronson, turn it loose!”

The two boys, a 3-year-old and a 4-year-old were playing in the living room where I was sitting. Bronson had my favorite purple, plush lap blanket (and his). He was diligently making a pallet on the hearth of the fireplace to lie on. Greyson had another thought. With the speed of a Kentucky race horse, he sprinted from the other room, snatched the beloved blanket and wrapped it around him like a superman cape. When that action met with resistance from the irritated Bronson,  he wrapped himself like a mummy  with the purple shroud to keep possession. Bronson grabbed the blanket, in an attempt to get it back and Greyson started running with it. Bronson pulled hard. The centrifugal force of that  action, catapulted Greyson’s head into the tile covered hearth.

“It’s bweedin! It’s bweedin, he screamed and danced around.goose

After I calmed him, which was no small feat, I checked his head, expecting to go to the ER for stitches. The injury did not break the skin, but it left a huge knot on his head.

I told him, “You have a goose egg, but you’re ok.”

That got his attention! He asked excitedly, “Do I have a egg on my head?”

“No baby, it’s called a goose egg, when you get a large lump like that.”

He could not wait to feel it. We called papa, so he could feel it.  Bronson apologized. Seemingly, all was ok now.

“Come Greyson, let’s get your clothes off for bed.”

He was not cooperative.

I tried to lift the shirt over his head but he wailed, “Don’t hurt the goose!!”

“I won’t, I promise.”

I almost could not hold back a chuckle.

Whew that was finished. we went to bed and all he wanted to talk about was the goose.

“Gramma, it hurts the goose if I lay my head on the pillow!”

“Lay on the other side, Greyson.”

“Naw, it only hurts the goose a widdle bit. Will the goose still be there tomorrow?”

UGGG “Go to sleep Greyson.”

“I just can’t bewieve I have a goose on my head!”

“You are such a silly goose! Go to sleep!”

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