A day of Appointed Honor

Recently, I wrote a post thanking our veterans, those who  have fallen while protecting our country and those who are living and protecting our country. There have been some comments made, some heartwarming and some that were meant, not in malice, but to inflict a technicality and make it politically correct. The technicality in question, is the essence of my thoughts.flag

Today is Memorial day. It is a federal holiday. It is a  day set aside by the powers that be, to remind us to honor those who paid the ultimate price for their service, their lives. Thank you is not enough but without out it, their lives would be forfeit for no reason.

Should we only be thankful and honor, those who have fought for our county and died, on this special day? Should we build a fence around our thoughts and gratitude so that it does not dare leak out on the living? To some, that may be ok, and it is their given right to think and say so. Freedom of speech is one of the blessings our fallen soldiers bequeathed to us and our living ones still protect

I reserve my right to be thankful, on any given day, at any given time,to those who have fallen and to those who are still among us and can read my words.

We live in a Nation, that is blessed. It is not a perfect Nation, but I can not think of anywhere else I would want to live. I am thankful for it’s bounty and freedom. I am not thankful enough, I admit. I am so busy sometimes, I forget to be thankful for the privilege of being busy.

Thinking along these terms, have stirred my passions. If you will indulge me one last thought on Memorial day, the designated day for remembering, if this is the only time anyone expresses thankfulness, or “Remembers,” what sacrifices have been made, by the living and the fallen, what  pitiful creatures we are.





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