Glitter Breaking Bad by Arhonda Luman

glitter bottle “Quick!! It’s exploding, dad, take it outside before we get glitter all over the dang house!”  He grabbed the bottle and ran outside with it, leaving me with the other two bottles and the two boys. What was I thinking?

It all started out with good intentions. Of course things never work the way I think they are going to, but that’s no reason to not have fun, right?

I wanted to do little art projects with the boys, and I saw one on Facebook that intrigued me. It was called a calming bottle. That was certainly something we were short of at my house so I got the instructions.  It was made out of a bottle and had glitter in it. Wahoo! Anyone that knows me knows I love shiny objects as much as an old crow. OK! That sold it.

Jerry and I bought the ingredients. Some of them were glitter glue, glitter, water, a bottle and gorilla glue to glue the lid shut. I put the boys at the kitchen table, one on each side of me and they stood up so they could see their art work. Both boys were so excited, I had to keep cautioning them about the perils of falling out of the chair.They were as active as a nest full of coons but hey, it was all in fun right?

We bought red, blue, and pink glitter glue and matching glitter. I let the little boys choose. I thought I would make a pink one for me. I certainly fit the qualifications for needing a “calming bottle.”

Bronson picked the red. Greyson picked the red. Hisssssssss scratch bite, Whoa! I pulled the boys apart. Bronson got the red, he chose first. Greyson got the blue, cause I said. I got the pink cause I wanted it, and by now I needed it.

Next I took the lids off the bottles and let both boys squirt the glitter glue in the bottle. Oh! Did I forget to mention they squirted it on the table and on themselves and in the floor. UGGG!
“One at a time guys! I’ll hold the bottle, you squeeze!” That plan should have worked, but when I turned to help Bronson, Greyson opened the glitter. *shake rattle roll,” all over the table. Greyson was so upset. He did not want his glitter spilled.

“No problem, buddy, I’ll rake it into the paper and pour it in.” He calmed, but while I was cleaning that up, Bronson opened his. *Eyebuldge*

Jerry was standing behind Bronson, watching the show. I looked at him,  hoping he would offer to  help but he was too busy, finding the whole thing amusing.

This project had turned into a fiasco!

I told Jerry, “Just get that gorilla glue and glue these dang lids shut before we have a mess we can’t clean up!”

Jerry glued Bronson’s lid and set it aside while I handed Greyson’s to him. Bronson grabbed his and started shaking it to see all the glitter. That’s when we noticed we should have dried the top of the bottle and let it dry a while. The goop, was running out of the bottle. When I saw it was about to explode, I yelled for Jerry to take it outside.

Greyson was being so quiet. He’s such a good boy!

Hmmm that sounded suspicious. I looked at him and guess what? His was exploding too!

Jerry grabbed both of the bottles and put them up to dry. I finished mine with two boys hanging off my ankles wanting to *help.* I needed mine!

I’d like to share the link if anyone else thinks they might need a calming bottle!

Do You Use Calming Bottles To Soothe Your Child (Or Yourself)? Learn How To Make Your Own!




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