How the pinky toe got it’s name? by Arhonda Luman

“Gramma! Bwonson won’t let me show him sumpthin, I wanna show you!”

” Of course you can sweetie!” I told him since he was so sad.

I was sitting in my recliner with my feet propped up and  watching Lonesome Dove, for the one millionth time. It was my favorite scene and I really hated to be interrupted, but I knew what Gus was going to say one second before his demise. After a lifetime of tragic events, he told his friend, Captain Caw, “It’s been quite a party, ain’t it?” I wanted the same for Greyson. I wanted to give him a memory with gramma.

When I gave him consent he came running like a wild banshee. He was so happy! I noticed he had a little toy that was like a robot, but it had an elastic band joined to some kind of weapon. (All plastic, of course!) I thought that was what he wanted to show me.

Instead,he took off my house shoe, slung it in the floor and said, “Where’s your widdle toe?” greyson and toes 2

I didn’t even have time to panic. He placed the rubber band between my toes, and said, “This won’t hurt. . . .much!”

“What?” Now he had my attention. I thought he was going to show me how his toy worked, but things were looking suspicious.

I warned him, “Don’t you hurt me!”

He started wrapping the rubber band around my little toe. He was jabbering all the time he was working. He said, ” It won’t hurt, gramma, not berry much, not like I did mine!”

By now he had gotten the band pretty tight.

I said, “Whoa! That’s enough buddy!”

It was pinching a bit.

He said, “Just a widdle bit more gramma!”

I jerked my foot, I didn’t want that tourniquet to cut off my circulation. I wasn’t planning Greyson and toeson losing a dang toe over a game! Neither of us needed a memory like that!

He turned it loose and said, “We just gotta weave it a widdle bit wonger!”

When he turned loose, I thought I had out-smarted him, I sort of shook my foot a little and it came unwound a tiny bit and released the pressure.  My blood pressure went back to normal almost immediately.

The little darling noticed! He ran back over to tighten the band up again. My toe was bright red but had not turned purple yet, and I did not plan to let it. (I remembered the game from when I was little.)

That is when I quit playing the game 🙂 I still have 10 toes, one is a little pink. Hmmmmmmm I wonder, is that how the pinky toe got its name?


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