The King’s Taster by Arhonda Luman

the kings taster“I’m gonna put it right here gramma, so Bwonson can have it when he wakes up!”

“No, don’t put it on the mantle, Greyson, just put it on the hearth and no one will forget it and he will be able to find it easily.”

He had awakened from his nap, but Bronson was still asleep. I had told them they could have a little package of those little tiny sweet tarts after their nap. They are both pretty literal so I did not make him wait for Bronson to get up.  I was so pleased at his thoughtfulness and generosity. He usually eats his and part of Bronson’s,  of whatever food they have.

I was smiling like a Cheshire cat and watching the little man become more responsible and wondered what he would be when he grew up.

He handed me one (which I ate for principle’s sake, even though I did not want it ) then sat on the mantle and started to put one down for Bronson.

He looked like he was going to do it, then he could not make himself put the candy down. He looked at me with those big blue eyes and said, “Gramma, I can’t put it there it won’t be clean!”

I intended to say, “That’s ok, it will only be there for a moment,” but before I could verbalize it, he popped the candy in his mouth and said, “I guess I better eat it so it won’t get dirty!”

What can ya say to that?


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