The bare feet speak By Arhonda Luman


children's barefeetI grew up going without shoes, more than I wore them. Running barefoot made me feel so free, I thought I could fly.  I felt connected to the earth in a way that is hard to explain to anyone that would not dare to take their shoes off outside. Some feel compelled to  place barriers  of leather or other man-made substances on their feet for protection.  That action does protect them from *feeling* the  painful sting of a bee or the scalding heat on the sidewalk, but that barricade  can inadvertently separate mankind from intimately getting to know creation.

When bare feet connect with the earth, a bond is created. Almost miraculously, that bond grants an understanding deeper than just understanding. It is a situation where nature can communicate the heartbeat of the earth to the ones who will listen. It is a oneness with nature, which takes learning to another level. That process far surpasses mere knowledge.

For example, experiencing the world through more than one sense at a time is profoundly rewarding. roseFor example, a rose is beautiful to behold, but when held close to the nose,  the aroma of it multiplies the pleasure it brings.  Our senses are even more delectably  heightened when our skin is stroked by the velvety, soft petals.  Once the rose has spoken to us,  in its own language,  and we truly hear, she is nearly impossible to *forget!*

Oh, I know what happens to the bottom of feet when there is no barrier. The dirt actually attaches itself to us, as we walk upon it. That news may distress some. It does not me, unless, feet with the earth still attached are placed on the shedirty feetets of my bed!

What those dirty feet say to me, (and yes they are speaking) is that the earth begs for attention, like a tiny baby that loves to nestle in its mother’s arms,  or a puppy that follows us home from the park, our earth needs nurtured!

It grieves me to see how much litter is thrown on the sides of highways, and to hear that our water sources are contaminated.  The impact of these atrocities committed against our world has not been fully unveiled.

It is a shame, we have treated the wonders of nature as if it were only  the dirt beneath our feet.


5 thoughts on “The bare feet speak By Arhonda Luman

  1. I too grew up with feet tough as leather and parents so hillbilly they never made me wash them. I was a fire walker then, able to walk across thick stalks nearly pain free. To think I would become a Japanese wife who meticulously separated the outdoor dirt from our our indoor life.

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  2. Bare feet I still do. This may sound silly but I thing it helps clear my mind I have to be mindful of where I am stepping, I feel the sunshine on my face and the wind in the air. It also get me close to nature and give me a sense of freedom. I think it also stretches my calves and leg muscles. There is nothing that compares to walking on soft cool grass.

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