The Depth of Perception by Arhonda Luman

half empty glassDepth perception is the process by which we perceive the world in three dimensions.  Our eyes use two general categories for seeing the world. The first are different cues used by the eye–known as monocular. These techniques  refer to the way that one eye can “guess” what’s closer and what’s further away. Any problem with an eye can disrupt this. The other way we perceive three dimensions is the way our eyes work together. These are known as binocular cues. Our two eyes see the world from slightly different points, because of where they are situated on our faces. Both eyes must work together in order to see the true location of  where things are. If the binocular cues  do not give the correct information, it can be  because of misalignment of the eyes–like ambylopia (lazy eye). “Some of this information is from Wikipedia”


perception of half empty glass

But what if,  it is not the eye, that has the  perception problem. What if, the problem actually lies within societies psyche?

If that could be so, can we not see things the same because some are lazy and will not search for truth? Perhaps it could be that those who have a *strong* eye, see things from a different view-point because they think they are so right, they work alone, when in truth they cannot see the depth of truth correctly without the cooperation of their counterpart. I suppose that means, we are blind, though we see!




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