The Mythical Fountain de la Youth by Arhonda Luman

A fountain is a form fountain of architecture which pours water into some form of basin, or jets it into the air. That  phenomenon is known to supply drinking water, have a decorative or dramatic effect, or aesthetic qualities.

Because water is  a source of life, Gothic and Celtic people believed springs and wells were sacred places. They were convinced water had  healing powers.  Those beliefs became the instigators of people drinking from or bathing in the healing waters.

As a result of the water being thought to have a kind of supernatural power,  people traveled to special places to make wishes over the water. It was believed there was a God or a guardian over the water that granted them their desires if only they would pay a price.wishing well Throwing  coins into the water was a visible sign that the wisher was paying homage to the deity that lived there. When their wishes were not granted, their mind sets changed to “it depended on how the coin landed.” I am not sure if it was luckier for it to land on the head or the tail.

In mythology, there was a  well,  known as “The Well of wisdom. “It’s water was rumored  to grant infinite wisdom in exchange for something of great value to the wisher. Odin, was rumored to have plucked out one of his eyes as a sacrifice to pitch to the gods, and in return would be granted the ability to “see” the future and also gain understanding. Perhaps that is where the phrase, “the all seeing eye,” was coined. (Pun intended)

Ponce De Leon  was reputed to search for a magical water source purportedly capable of reversing the aging process and curing sickness.  He searched for a special fountain that was reputed to make old men as boys. It is not recorded that he ever found it or that he divulged the location if so, but a tourist attraction near Florida’s oldest city, St. Augustine, pretended the much sought after fountain was on their location. It is reported that tens of thousands of visitors go there every year to sample the sulfur-smelling well water.

Today, Greyson, my three year old grandson,  found a quarter and a dime in my bedroom.  I did not see the harm in him carrying them as we passed through the bathroom, *until* he attempted to throw them in the toilet!toilet

I suppose, I should have let him, so that his wish could come true, but I did not know if it needed to land on the head or the tail! Also, *I* would have been wishing I could get them out. I must have been granted some kind of wisdom simply by osmosis, because by using wisdom, and not allowing them to be thrown in, inadvertently, I gained wealth!








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