Not-so social media by Arhonda Luman

Our judgements when we are pleased and friendly, are not the same as when we are pained and hostile. (Aristotle)angry cartoon people

Though I love many aspects of social media.I am shocked and overwhelmed at things I see and hear.  Even factoring in the inability to see body language,  or hear tonal qualities to a voice,  I have witnessed those who think it is ok to sling insults,  or opinions, to stone (in the biblical sense) people who they have judged *not worthy.*  Gays, politicians, women, handicapped, fat people, skinny people, sick people, really, it doesn’t matter what kind of people, there is someone who hates them and does not mind sharing it with the world and moreover, would be thrilled if they convinced everyone on earth to hate with the same passion!

The use of Social media has magnified this hatred  because of many factors.  The first one is the number of people that are reached simply by pushing enter. Furthermore, we, (yes, I am including myself,) make decisions based on the limited facts that we have knowledge of. There is always more to the story than meets the eye.  Another component is that we say what is on our minds, in spite of the mood we are in. We are innocently unaware that there are those who may be tender because of tragedy/pain in their life. At the same time,  *we* may process some phrase or sentence inaccurately, because of the mental or physical condition *we* are in.  These characteristics make the perfect scenario for over reaction and total chaos.

In the flesh and blood world, sometimes we have a cooling off period that gives us timbomb explodinge to think things through, be more sensitive to what we say and be more tolerant of what we hear.

On social media, the points that are made, (whether factual or fiction) are dropped like bombs in a village, inflicting punishment on the guilty and the innocent alike.

We are better than that! Better than using our words like  the spray of bullets from a killer’s gun that killed someone’s son, someone’s daughter or someone’s lover.

hugging kittensWouldn’t it be wonderful if our words and our actions, were used  primarily for healing and helping? Especially, in light of the fact, there are none of us perfect. Are we?


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