Sponge Bob is rude by Arhonda Luman

sponge bobHolidays are usually big days at my house. It is crazy tradition my mother started and for some insane reason, I continued. Today was one of those times  when my family,  friends and friends of friends,  gathered to celebrate Father’s day. Hmmm well some just came to eat! 🙂 If I counted right, there were 24. It’s difficult to count though, 8 of them were under 10 years old. Trying to count them is like counting ants in an ant bed! They are constantly on the move!

My nephew brought his girlfriend,  a cute little woman who has 4 little girls under 8 years old. The little girls are very well-behaved! This is probably a good time to mention, my little boys, who are 3 and 4, are not!  They are so energetic, it appears they are driven by some kind of motor, that is used in cars that qualify to race on the  Indianapolis motor speedway. They are mine and I’m nuts about them though!

Today, after the feast,  I was sitting in my chair, alone in the living room and three of the little girls came running out of the play room. They were appalled that Sponge bob was on the TV. They had been instructed by their mother, they were not allowed to watch it.

We had a conversation that went something like this.  “We are not allowed to watch sponge bob so we came in here.”

“Well,” says I, “I don’t allow my boys to watch it either.”

That seemed to shock the 8-year-old a little bit. She asked, “Wonder why we shouldn’t watch sponge bob ?”

I had no idea what their mother would have told her so I just said the first thing that came to mind. “Because it is a rude cartoon!”

All the girls quickly agreed with me. The six-year-old said, “Oh! We better not watch it then or we will be rude!”

The 4-year-old little red-head was horrified, she clasped her hands to her cheeks and moaned in agony, “I’m gonna be rude! Oh, No!”horrified look

Like a mother hen, the 8-year-old big sister sprang into action and tried to soothe her baby sister. “No, you have to watch it over and over to be rude.”

Whew, she was ok again. Then, as if someone whispered in all three girl’s ears at the same time, they came to an understanding. Three pairs of eyes turned on me like they were being controlled by a remote control and the oldest asked me “Does your little boys watch spongebob?”

*eye bulge*  I nearly choked laughing. “Well, that is one explanation!”








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