The Spider takes a shower by Arhonda Luman

“Early to bed early to rise is an old saying I have heard all my life.” I didn’t go to bed early but at 4 am I was up like I had important business to take care of. I read a while and cooked breakfast, and played games on my phone. I used up my free time and put away my play things to take my shower.

Pretty much, everything went as usual. I stepped into the shower under water that was just right. I leaned my head back to shampoo my hair. When I opened my eyes, I saw it in the upper right hand corner of the shower. I didn’t know what spider*it* was, because I did not have my glasses on.

The enjoyment I was experiencing from my shower depleted like a bank account with a stolen atm card. I didn’t want to get out to get my glasses because I was dripping wet, yet I did not want to share my shower with whatever *it * was. I stood there and stared at it. I couldn’t tell for sure,  but it felt like it stared back! I wanted to call my husband for help, but that meant I would have to admit being a sissy. I’m not! Also, he would probably need counseling if he accidently caught a glimpse of me instead of *it*. I can’t spare him that long so I did the next thing that came to mind. I tried to pretend it wasn’t there. I only jumped a little bit when it looked like it was flying at me. It swung back against the wall and stood taunting me with *its* acrobatics. That was when I decided it was a spider. *shudder*

Ok, so it’s a spider. The problem was identified. At that point,  I thought I should accelerate the showering process and get the heck out of there, then I’d call Jerry.  I closed my eyes one second to rinse the shampoo out of my hair. I wiped the soap from my eyes and peered into the corner. OMGOSH! *It* was gone. Now I was forced into another plan of action. Forget it, or find it. Well, crap!  *It* could be in my hair! *eye-bulge*  Ok, I decided to find it. Slowly, like the great huntress I am, I gently moved the shower curtain to see if *it* was hiding behind it. Whew, I let out a big breath when it wasn’t there, only to gulp again when I realized it was *somewhere.*  I girded up my loins and looked again. *It* was gone. Thrilled I did not have to deal with that unpleasant subject, I smiled and finished rinsing off. Just as I reached to turn off the water, I saw a huge brown spot on my arm. *SLAP*, *Jump* It’s possible a four letter word escaped, however, it was a five letter word experience. Down the drain the brown spot went!

It only took a second to finish my shower, but it gave me plenty to reflect about. There are things in life that will not go away. They will not be ignored, they will not play fair, they will not respect us if we stand still and look the other way. Sooner or later, *it* has to be dealt with.

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