Hottern a two dollah pistol by Arhonda Luman

Recently, nearly everyone I come in contact with says, “Man, I’m  really hot!” I never disagree with them because their proclamation is on target. I cannot hear those words though, without them transporting me back to a time when I knew what being really hot was !heatwave

In 1962, my family moved to Oklahoma from Texas. We moved into a house that had air coming and going between the 1 x 12 boards that stood upright were nailed to a 2 x 4 frame. There were no locks on the doors or windows. There were no screens either. We did not have  running water in our house.

In the summer, it was sweltering hot.  We had no air conditioning of any kind. We worked outside doing chores, raising  huge gardens and tending to livestock. Sweat beaded on our foreheads while we played and ran down our necks as we slept. I knew what *hot* was. Two of my sisters slept with me in a full size bed. I always slept in the middle which meant I was so hot, I was like Mount Vesuvius, threatening to erupt at any minute. No breeze, ever so slight can reach the one in the middle!

Now, over 50 years later, I decided to look up the definition, 🙂 just in case my feeble mind was confused or forgot something.

I’m more confused than ever! These new fangeldy meanings are downright perplexin!  Did you know that *Hot* can be used in the following ways?

  1. That car is hot!  (that could mean it is stolen or stellar) sexy man
  2. That guy is hot!  (meaning he is attractive or sexy)
  3. I was hottern a two dollar pistol. ( that depicts a cheap pistol whose barrel got overheated when it was fired. meaning I was very angry)
  4. That movie is really hot right now. ( meaning Very popular)
  5. We’re gonna have a hot time!     (to party hardy)

I’m trying to remember who all has said that  phrase to me… it is possible I did not know which hot they were referring to.  Maybe they were confessing? I am not sure which connotation they were all referring to but I am hoping I can keep a straight face the next time one of my little old ladies say it.  It’s highly unlikely I can!

I wonder. . .  should I ask which hot they are speaking about before assuming I know what they mean? Inquiring minds want to know!

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