A Sinister Seduction of The Meth Taxi by Arhonda Luman

If you are tender or faint of heart, do no read what I am about to write. This is a topic particularly hard for me so let it be known, while I write, the bile I am trying to hold at bay could find its way to my keyboard and the tears that threaten to spill on my chest, are only damned up by sheer will power. baby tear

I, like many across America would much prefer to suffer from the *ostrich* syndrome, with their head stuck in the sand and not face up to the reality. The problem with hiding from the truth, is that  everyone is still vulnerable, and in danger, they just don’t see it coming.  This is a malevolent force that invites itself to dine at our table of peace and contentment. It is a malignant menace to society,  who invades our homes and brings with it, an entourage of thieves, cutthroats, and murderers. They wine and dine with the socially elite and slum with the homeless. It enlists loyal followers from all parts of the globe..  The truth is, no one is safe from it’s evil tentacles. There are those who deny the truth, those who hide it and those who hide from it. It is a dangerous situationmeth mouth.

This is a  horrific problem plaguing America. I have worked in the public as a hairdresser for  44 years. People confide in me.  I  have cried with them, fussed with them prayed with them and mourned with them. It is an sinister epidemic that affects nearly every family I know, including myself, whether it is kids, grandkids, mother, dads etc . The list goes on and so do the offences.

The methamphetamine taxi  seduces the user with the promise of a  good ride. The euphoria that was promised, is delivered however; it is short lived and must needs be repeated in higher doses and more frequently.  It is so caustic, that it reforms the facial and head bones and muscles that are visible to see, but the truth is that it deteriorates the conscience, and the heart of a person, annihilating all that is good and pure.. It has an insatiable appetite and will not stop until it has created an alter personality who is  capable of leaving their friends and family for dead and where death becomes more factual than life.death on meth

People who use methamphetamine will most likely experience addiction, anxiety, confusion, insomnia, and mood disturbances and display violent behavior.  Other times, meth picthey may also show symptoms of psychosis, such as paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and delusions (for example, the sensation of insects crawling under the skin), which is called *meth bugs* in circles that know these things. That is the reason sores, pick marks and scars show up on skin and faces that were once vivacious and beautiful. Extreme weight loss is another problem that accompanies the addiction. There are several reasons for that, ranging from the drug itself curbing the appetite,  not eating so money can be spent on drugs in lieu of food, to becoming so hyperactive under the influence and not sleeping or resting for days on end that what calories have been stored in the body, are burned quickly. In a short time, the term *skeletal remains* takes on a new meaning.

If you know someone who this has affected, pray for them, support them, or help them grieve for their loss, but whatever you are tempted to do, never shut your bowels of compassion and be so comfortable as to think it will not happen to you! My sincerest prayer, is that it won’t!


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