Revealing the invisible! by Arhonda Luman

About three years ago, the class I graduated with from High School, met for a reunion. The years slipped away and there we were, all kids again. EXCEPT, this time,  most of us had allowed the things that had easily beset us as children, to heal.

We all traded stories and sometimes, we remembered them the same. Though we could not recognize each other right away, it did not take long for us to discover the *kids* we once knew. There is always a class clown, the intellect, the beauty queen, the sports jock…. etc.   Some things never change, and honestly, we should not want them to. Everyone is who they are for a reason. We donHigh School.jpg‘t have to know the reason, we just need to get out-of-the-way and let them be!

Some of had not seen each other for 20-30 years. Most of us had undergone drastic changes over the years….A few still kept their figures and sweet attitudes. Me? I underwent more changes than is normal and fully expect to change more, some for the better, some not so much., and I still have my attitude!

It was an amazing time for me.  Somewhere over they years, I had forgiven everyone for everything I thought had hurt me, including myself. I looked at the room full of people and realized I loved them. How can that be? Years had separated us. Some of us never particularly like each other to begin with.

The bond was mutual for most. We started meeting about two or three times a year. We were family. The last time we met, we had a newcomer. All of us were thrilled to see him. The same magic happened… love permeated the room. And then it happened. He turned to me and said. You know what I remember about you?  My eyes tried to pop  out of my head. There was about 10 million things I could think of. I was wrong 10 million times.

He laughed as he shared his memory with me.

He said, “You used to turn your eyelids wrong side out.!”

GULP! I felt a little hotness to my cheeks for one second…… then as the pink faded, in its place was understanding.  His words, not intended to hurt, had no power to hurt me. For one second I thought it did. I remember as well as he, that time in my life…. I was 10 years old and in the fourth grade.  He had missed the next 50 years. That time was only a snowflake on a hot day. It had  melted  years before.

The question that still haunts my brain, is, if I was there, where was he? We went to school together  eight more years. Was I invisible? I think not! He couldn’t/didn’t/wouldn’t see who I really am. I am and have been so much more. A waitress, a dairy maid, a business owner, a real estate agent, a florist, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a servant, and an author. (and aiming for more) Yes, I’m still me, with all my flaws still in tact.

In case this sounds as though I am having a pity party, let me assure you, I do not go to those. I’ve been invited plenty of times :), but I graciously decline. What I am doing, is trying to ascertain what all I may have missed in his and other people in my circle’s lives?  What treasures are lurking in the shadows that have gone undiscovered by me or anyone.

I have no doubt, this is what happens in every day’s coming and goings. We fail to see past a dark moment in someone’s life and are robbed from experiencing the wonderful! pokemon

It is so easy to become distracted from real life. Today’s fad is hunting for Pokémon. People spend countless hours searching for something invisible and intangible and frankly worthless.  At the same time, real people around them become more invisible by the day and count themselves unworthy. I can’t help but wonder how the world would change if we could use our energy to discover the true people, hidden inside themselves, and set them free from being invisible.



4 thoughts on “Revealing the invisible! by Arhonda Luman

  1. I love to read what you write and post! You have always been kind, caring, and say what’s on your mind Arhonda:). You make me smile in a good way because you have always shared so graciously rather it was through your efforts or your stories and for that please know you are loved and appreciated from another small town girl in Stratford OK💖😘


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