The Call of the Cell Phone Siren by Arhonda Luman


The shrill sound of a cell phone rang in the crowded room. Women grabbed their purses and men fumbled in their pockets to see if it was theirs. The room rumbled like there had been an earthquake. It was total chaos. I smiled.

Sneakily, I adjusted my phone to settings for sound and played them all one by one. When the right tune played, I watched  people grab for their phone like it was pinned to the back of a pig and it would get away! Ha!

Even though I found humor in it, I could not help but wonder how this*cell-phone-mania* could  have happened in the epic proportion it seemed to be, in such a shozombies-on-cell-phonesrt time.

When I was growing up, we had a wall phone that we shared with several other families. It was called a party line. We knew it was for us if it rang three short rings.

My dad had a rule in our house that we could talk for three minutes . He staunchly believed, that was plenty of time to state our business! Sadly, not everyone on our party line set limits. They kept that phone to their ear until the phone cord looked like a life sustaining umbilical cord. Even back then, there was something hypnotic about a communication device that turned people into Zombie-like creatures.

Now,  people, even small children, have hand-held mobile devices. They are loath to turn them loose for even short time spans.  It gives the appearance that they breathe into them like they are ventilators carrying the air supply that is necessary for life. They talk so much they even breathe heavy. Oh, don’t even go there! I mean like Darth Vader in Star Wars. His costume was a little bit antiquated in that it was cumbersome but the phones of today are small, thin, that make it easy to  maneuver around with. As a matter of fact, people even walk into heavy traffic, into walls, and step off curbs while they are texting.

dog-with-rabiesI wonder how many people know, NEVER try to take someone’s phone from them?? I have seen the results. There is a complete transformation. Though they be sweet as Granny’s molasses, they quickly turn into a rabid dog and they may chew your arm off all the way up to the elbow!  DO NOT touch anyone’s phone!

After much deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that the ring tone is the problem. mermaidIt has to be the tune the sirens sang in Greek  Mythology. Their song was irritably sweet, but whoever listened to the melody, succumbed to fatal lethargy. Their body and soul was  entrapped together for eternity. Only those who were wise enough to cover their ears and resist the mesmerizing song of the siren, survived.

OH! I must close this missive. . .I hear the melody of my cell phone calling!




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