Thankful for the little things by Arhonda Luman (based on true events)


depressed-person“It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see!”

Those words nearly knocked the breath out of Diane, when she heard them. It wasn’t really what had been said, it’s what she heard.

Diane’s neck twisted so fast to look at  Sheila, she almost got whiplash. Those words were  raw with emotion. It was like Sheila’s words had been bathed in a caustic liquid, and been stripped of superficial emotions.Sheila was standing emotionally naked in front of her. The moment was so intense, it revealed the vulnerability that Sheila had tried to keep secret.

Diane paid attention, more so, than usual to the words her friend was speaking. She desperately wanted to understand what Sheila meant, not what she said, but what she meant!  Diane rewound the conversation that had precipitated that response and listened to it again, this time, hoping to really hear.

The two friends had gone on a simple shopping trip. Diane had worked all day and was hoping for a parking space close to the front door. When there was one, she clapped her hands in glee and said, “YAY!”  dancing-quote

Sheila watched her friend with interest, but it was mixed with a certain amount of disdain. Finally she told Diane, “I just don’t understand why you get so excited over stupid things.”

Diane had been her friend for a long time so she didn’t get offended, she simply said, “I get excited over little things because I am thankful for the little things!”

Sheila was puzzled. She had seen the parking space the same as her friend but it was only a piece of concrete to her. To Diane, it was a super-hero in blue tights that saved  her from using all energy she had and saved some for the chores she had to do when she went home.

rainbowIt was Diane’s turn to be puzzled. How could Sheila have not seen and even worse, how could she have not heard her friend’s cry for help long ago?

Diane didn’t know what to say, but then it started to rain.

Sheila said, “We need to get home, it looks like it’s blowing up a storm!”

On the drive to Sheila’s house, big glorious drops of rain fell from the sky on the parched grass and pavement, and Diane said, “YAY! It’s raining!”

Sheila almost rolled her eyes. She opened the car door, but before she exited the car, Diane smiled at her and said,”Sheila, I always search for the rainbow in every cloud, and then I don’t noticed how ugly the storm is.”

Sheila looked at Diane again, but this time she didn’t think she was silly.




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