The Breeding Ground by Arhonda Luman


Turmoil ran rampant as tempers flared. Rumors spread like a dark smoke and the heat off of them scorched the ears of anyone that would entertain them. Unproven stories gained momentum from the various, misshahatepen interpretations and theories, which were shared by individuals who were too weak or naive to resist the drama. Froth spewed from their lips with the brutal force of a geyser. Droplets of spittle splattered the innocent who were oblivious to the danger incubating within hearts nearby.   Eyes, which have been said to be the windows of the soul, shot piercing daggers of hate towards undeserving targets. The blood of the innocent was shed as though it was the potion to right all that was wrong in the world.


The stench of violence invaded the nostrils of everyone near. Only the haters were oblivious to their own smell. So pleased with the outcome of their malignant plan, they remained unmindful of the seeds they were planting in their own heart, those of their children and the children of the future.  Intent on destruction, they blindly laid traps, with no thought it might be their feet that get caught in the web of their own wickedness.

Their feet which were quick to run to mischief, made way for idle hands to perform various foul deeds.

In horror, I watch as destruction unfolds across my homeland.

I asked myself, “How can this breeding ground of hatred be stopped?”

I waited for the recipe for an instant cure, and none was forthcoming.

In the silence, that ensued, my heart was open for understanding. It was then when I examined myself, the light of understanding brightly  illuminated the answer.

The solution was so simple, it was hard to see. The answer begins with me. I’m not famous, or popular. I am little more than the farm girl I was, 50 years ago,  yet I understood! And so I will share.

flowersThe heart of a human is a like a beautiful garden. It is up to the individual to prevent hatred and violence from taking root in their heart and growing out of control, invading all that is good and spreading devastation.


How can we prevent that from happening to us? It starts with taking control of our own person.  We forgive others and ourselves. We sweeten our words, so they are not harmful, we close our ears to entertaining malicious rumors. We choose peaceful topics to discuss in front of our children so that the words they carry back to their friends do not start dissension. We learn to disagree, agreeably and by example, teach our children mankind can co-habit peacefully. We shy away from lies, and deception, even if that means changing the channel on the television, or excusing ourselves from a phone call from a well-meaning friend.  It might mean that rules are set in each household as a customer told me today about their family dinner at Thanksgiving.  Everyone was free to eat, visit, laugh and have fun, but politics or religion was not to be discussed.

Like every successful garden, the imperfections must not be allowed to take root. Wfood-gardenith all the different nationalities, age groups, genders, religions,  occupations, etc. in and around our home. It is imperative that we create a path of peace. It will not happen by accident. It will be work… but the grounds that once spewed chaos and devastation will now nurture mankind!





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